Field Cultivator

Our Cultivators are built to your needs and provide many features you don’t find with “off the shelf” cultivators:

  • Single-point hydraulic depth control
  • Walking tandem design and gauge wheels offer balance and stability for a more consistent seed
  • Adjustable bull tongue front hitch
  • Heavy duty rear hitch
  • Rolling Basket with adjustable spring down tension for increased moisture retention
  • 1 Row Harrow with Carbide Tips
  • 7″ Shank Spacing

Depth Control & Tandems

Easy Adjustments. Built-In Stability.

  • Single-point hydraulic depth control allows for quick and easy adjustments for changing field conditions.
  • Walking tandem design and gauge wheels offer balance and stability for a more consistent seed.
  • Walking tandems located in the middle section enable the sweeps to maintain an even cutting depth on irregular surface conditions.

Front & Rear Hitch

Heavy Duty. Additional Towing.

  • Adjustable 3″ bull tongue front hitch.
  • Heavy duty rear hitch is standard on each cultivator and is built to accommodate additional towed equipment efficiently.
  • Optional addition: Hydraulic rear control hose kit
  • Enhanced your field preparation and sowing without added passes across the field.

Rolling Baskets

Adjustable Tension. The Perfect Finish.

  • Adjustable spring down tension on the removable packer firms the ground increasing
    moisture retention.
  • Prepares an excellent seed bed with a fine soil layer.
  • Breaks up clods and levels the soil for a smooth finish.
  • Packers are removed by removing the 2 pins located in front of the tension spring.


Optimal Seedbed. At All Levels.

  • Sweep back shank design breaks up the soil and provides more consistent residue movement and more thorough mixing.
  • Built to withstand heavy impact, meaning less time spent replacing sweeps and more time preparing seedbeds.
  • Furrows left by the shanks are minimized by the smoothing action of the harrow and rolling basket packer.
  • Single row of rigid harrow bar with welded spikes on 6″ centers has 3 settings for pitch adjustments.

Additional information

Model #

6127 – 27' Width, 6130 – 30' Width, 6135 – 35' Width, 6144 – 44' Width, 6144-30 – 44' Width, 6150-35 – 50' Width


2 Row Harrow with Rolling Basket, 3 Row Harrow with Rolling Basket, 5 Row Harrow with Rolling Basket, 2 Row Harrow, 3 Row Harrow, 5 Row Harrow

Hose Kit

No Hose Kit, Rear Hose Kit for Drill Hitch